Making numbering Interrogatories and Requests for Production/Admission Easy (with Video)

Numbering requests for production and requests for admission is something that legal secretaries and attorneys loathe.  It’s something that systems administrators loathe to see take so long to [...]


Public Records Act Requires Government Agencies to Identify and Explain Withholdings and Redactions With Particularity

In the recent decision, City of Lakewood v. Koenig, 2014 WL 7003790, the Washington Supreme Court reminds us of the powerful and important role that the Public Records Act (PRA) plays in ensuring [...]


Federal Tort Claim Act Basics

Before a plaintiff can sue a United States agency for the negligence of one of its employees or agents, he must file a tort claim with the agency. Because the United States has only waived its [...]


Governmental Entities Cannot Assert Anti-SLAPP Defense Unless Lawsuit Based on its Own Communicative Activity

A SLAPP suit is one that is designed to discourage a speaker from voicing his or her opinion. Washington’s Anti-SLAPP laws are aimed at discouraging these types of claims, and are found at RCW [...]