Seattle City Council’s Resolution to Abolish Youth Incarceration

In August 2012, King County voters approved a nine-year property tax increase to build a $210 million Children and Family Justice Center to replace the rundown Youth Services Center (“YSC”), [...]


Ethics Rules for Online Attorney Advertising in Washington State

Today, a large number of potential clients turn to the internet to locate an attorney.  Consequently, online attorney advertising has increased tremendously in recent years.  A handful of [...]


“Ride the Ducks” Boat Didn’t Have Recommended Axle Repair; Dangerous Aurora Bridge Roadway Design May Have Contributed to Tragedy

On September 24, 2015, four lives were lost and dozens more were severely injured after a “Ride the Ducks” amphibious landing craft vehicle t-boned a tour bus carrying international students [...]


Taking a Stand Against Online Sex Trafficking and Federal Immunity Under CDA § 230

Two years ago we, along with co-counsel, Erik Bauer, filed suit in Pierce County Superior Court against a large newspaper publisher, Village Voice Media, on behalf of three underage girls who [...]


Public Records Act Requires Government Agencies to Identify and Explain Withholdings and Redactions With Particularity

In the recent decision, City of Lakewood v. Koenig, 2014 WL 7003790, the Washington Supreme Court reminds us of the powerful and important role that the Public Records Act (PRA) plays in ensuring [...]


Governmental Entities Cannot Assert Anti-SLAPP Defense Unless Lawsuit Based on its Own Communicative Activity

A SLAPP suit is one that is designed to discourage a speaker from voicing his or her opinion. Washington’s Anti-SLAPP laws are aimed at discouraging these types of claims, and are found at RCW [...]


The State Owes an Ongoing and Actionable Duty to Children in Foster Care

The State owes a continuous and actionable duty to ensure a child is not placed in an abusive or neglectful foster home. While this may seem obvious, in foster care abuse cases, the State will [...]


Continued: Dependency Rulings and Family Court Decisions As An Affirmative Defense to CPS Liability

In my last post, I told you I’d go into more detail about the case, Tyner v. Dept. of Social and Health Services, 141 Wn.2d 68, 77–82 (1999). Tyner v. Dept. of Social and Health [...]


Dependency Rulings and Family Court Decisions As An Affirmative Defense to CPS Liability

Over a decade ago, the Washington Supreme Court declared that RCW 26.44.050 creates an actionable duty that flows from DSHS to both children and parents who are harmed by DSHS negligence that [...]


King County Protection Order Advocacy Program is a Great Resource

As sexual abuse attorneys, we routinely speak with individuals who have suffered devastating trauma.  Oftentimes the assault(s) occurred months or years in the past.  Sometimes, however, we speak [...]