Case update: Ralph v. State of Washington Dep’t of Nat. Resources

 In Tactics

The Washington Supreme Court held in Ralph v. State of Washington Dep’t of Nat. Resources (PDF) that all superior courts of Washington State stand as one and have the jurisdictional authority to hear any case properly filed in superior court.  The case follows the modern trend of recognizing that article IV, section 6 of the Washington State Constitution grants universal original subject matter jurisdiction to the superior courts.  Provided that a case belongs in superior court (as opposed to district court or municipal court), it means that you may file a case falling under the rubric of RCW 4.12.010 (which pertains to actions involving title or for injuries to real property) in any county superior court without risking a dismissal.  Be aware, though, that you may likely receive a motion to transfer venue if you do not file in the county in which the property is located, and if you lose that motion, you might be responsible for paying the costs of transferring.  RCW 4.12.090.

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